Reduce Your Stress 
with Body and Breath

Deep breaths. Less stress.     

Four weeks to put YOU
back in control of your life!
How would your life be different if you didn't feel
so overwhelmed?
How would your days be different if, instead of being
they were


When you first wake up in the morning, before reality rushes in, you probably experience a moment of pure awareness -- a gentle stretch, a deep breath, a brief taste of stillness and silence.

You'd love the whole day to feel like that, but pretty soon...

... you're feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.
Rushing about.... heart racing... muscles tensing...

What if you could access your body's deep inner calm and stability any time you needed it? 

Fortunately, you can!

Over 30 years of research tells us that

can lower your stress and anxiety and
 increase your happiness and well-being. 
Right now, you may be thinking,
"I know all that!
I just need to calm down!"

But do you do it?

Bruce Lee once said,

"Under duress, we do not rise to our expectations.

We fall to our level of training."

Mindfulness is a skill that we need to cultivate.

If we want to make a change,
we need to practice.

If you are ready to be done practicing
stress and anxiety

and you are ready to practice

then join me in...
Reduce Stress with Body and Breath
The powerful four-week course to help you reconnect with your body -- through breath & movement, gentle exercises, and mindfulness practices -- so you can reduce your stress and regain your balance
Mindfulness is about
full engagement with your life.

It's about connecting with
your body
your breath.
When you're stressed out, you might disconnect from your bodily awareness.

And then it's harder to access the body's innate resources for calming and healing itself.
Mindfulness connects you to your internal GPS.
Your body is constantly sending you vital and important information.

But are you listening?
Do you even remember how?
Reduce Stress with Body and Breath
four weeks to put YOU back in control of your life!
What: Powerful lessons in embodied mindfulness
The next session will be offered late in 2016
Where: Everywhere! (online) 
(Come to class in your jammies! No need to be online at a particular day or time.)
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Reduce Stress with Body and Breath is taught by

Sarah Rudell Beach, M.Ed.
I have had a long-time mindfulness practice, and I am a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. As the Director of Brilliant Mindfulness, I teach mindfulness to teachers, students, administrators, parents, children ... and YOU!

“Sarah Rudell Beach is one of my favorite sources for knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and fresh ideas for how to teach and practice mindfulness. Sarah’s style is relatable, engaging, effective, and lots of fun, and she knows what she’s talking about!” 

- Carla Naumburg, PhD, LICSC, and author of Parenting in the Present Moment and Ready, Set, Breathe

Allow me to introduce myself....
What the research tells us about stress:
You're not alone
of Americans reported feeling stressed in the last month. Nearly half have felt depressed because of stress.
We don't cope well
Most of us turn to unhealthy, sedentary activities to manage stress: TV, surfing the Internet, eating, or drinking.

Source: American Psychological Association, Stress in America, 2015

Stress harms the body
Chronic stress impairs our immunity, interferes with proper digestive and reproductive functioning, and contributes to additional health problems including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and diabetes. 

Here's the good news:

When we cultivate embodied mindfulness, we tap into our body's innate wisdom and resources for managing stress.

Over 30 years of research demonstrates that a mindfulness practice can lead to...
* reduced stress and anxiety

* increased well-being and happiness

* improved immune functioning

* improved working memory capacity
* lower rates of depression

* improved social relationships

* improved focus and concentration

* increased compassion and empathy
Reduce Stress with Body and Breath
Course Outline
Week 1: Breathe 
✻ Begin ~ or deepen ~ your meditation practice with detailed lessons on mindfulness and the breath (no-nonsense instruction so there's no confusion!)

✻ Explore just what stress is and what causes it ... because it may not be what you think!

✻ Learn different ways to use your breath to reduce your stress and cultivate ease -- no matter what is going on around you!
Week 2: Embody
✻ Discover mindfulness practices for bodily awareness, and nature-based practices to work with your body's natural rhythms.

✻ Explore how to decipher the signals from your body, listen to its unspoken advice, and truly tap into your "gut instincts."

✻ Learn how your posture and body position directly inform the brain about how you feel, and experiment with how your body influences the state of your mind.
(the science behind this stuff is FASCINATING!)

Week 3: Move
✻ Explore how movement can alleviate your stress, cultivate a sense of aliveness, and support emotional resilience.

✻ Learn gentle yoga, dance, and music-based exercises that promote health and vitality and help you cultivate a caring relationship with your body.

✻ Discover the power of moving meditation and other options for "off-the-cushion" practice so you can bring embodied awareness to the flow of your entire day.

Week 4: Feel 
✻ Use the body awareness you've cultivated to "feel into" your emotions -- because the only way out of difficulty is usually to go through it.

 ✻ Discover skillful ways to respond to powerful emotions with mental and physical presence.

✻ Learn additional practices for awareness, inquiry, and direct experiencing of the present moment so you can be fully present and engaged in your own life!

How the course works
Log In
When the class begins, you'll get an email each Monday granting you access to a full week of content in the Brilliant Mindfulness online learning system. You can work through the content at your own pace throughout the week. Content can be accessed via computer or mobile device, and you do not need to be online at a particular time.
Be a part of a like-minded community! You'll have access to the course Facebook page, and every lesson in the online system will have a section for comments. You can ask questions and get feedback, and share your insights, frustrations, and celebrations with other course participants! 
The last thing we want is for you to be stressed out in a class about reducing stress! You'll get access to a new set of lessons each week, and once you have access, you have it forever! We'll go through the material together for the four weeks of class, and then you can come back and review it a week later... or a year later!
Each week of lessons includes...
Written content
Instructional videos
Weekly Q&A
Guided audio meditations
Featured guest instructors
Practical exercises to reduce stress
Check Out These Amazing Guest Instructors!
This talented team of teachers will guide you through a variety of practices, including meditation, yoga, music and movement, dance, and other mind-body exercises that promote healing, wholeness, awareness, and health.
Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, and Director of Blooma Nashville
Yogini, Sacred Story Whisperer, and Badass Meditator
Zen Priest, Musician, and Executive Director of the M2 Foundation
Psychotherapist and Compassion Coach
Board Certified Music Therapist, Editor, and Freelance Writer
Included in the course
Weekly Lessons
Powerful lessons to help you cultivate calm, balance, and ease!
Instructional Videos
No-nonsense, practical guidance and easy-to-follow lessons.
Guided Meditations
Make time for yourself to breathe and relax with soothing audio meditations to guide your practice.
Facebook Group
Join our Facebook group to connect with like-minded people all around the world. We'll share our insights, questions, frustrations, and celebrations!
Weekly Digest
Each week you will get an email responding to the questions that arose in both the Facebook group and in the comments, with helpful answers and additional instruction. 
Movement Exercises
You'll learn seated meditation AND a variety of gentle movement exercises to help you connect to your body and reduce anxiety.
Reduce Stress with Body and Breath
is only
That means you get this entire course -- with guided meditations, practice videos, guest instructors, an online community, and four weeks of amazing content -- for the price of just a few yoga classes!

And you have FOREVER ACCESS to the online content!
AND you get these cool bonuses!
Registration Bonuses
When you register, you will get INSTANT access to the following bonuses:
Introduction to Practicing Mindfulness

Get started with an introductory mindfulness lesson, including what mindfulness is and is not. Plus, learn about the Seven Foundational Attitudes of Mindfulness Practice (8-page pdf).
Stress and Mindfulness Assessments

Let's know exactly where we're starting! You'll receive two clinical assessments to learn more about your current levels of stress and mindful awareness.
Journaling and Reflection Prompts

Begin this important internal work with some journaling! Download a four-page pdf to help you reflect on your current levels of stress and set your intentions for your work in this class.
Are you ready to experience greater...
freedom & empowerment,
relaxation & flow, and
aliveness & alertness?
Praise for Sarah's courses
"I once had a doctor tell me that I should learn how to handle my stress and I thought, "Well, yeah, but how am I going to do that?" This course was the answer. The stress is still here but it is diminished with mindful meditation. Thank you Sarah!" 
- Linda, 2016 course participant

"Thank you for always providing tangible and specific things we can do everyday! It really empowers me to take charge of my own happiness!"
- 2015 course participant
"You can be fully in charge of your life only if you can acknowledge the reality of your body, in all its visceral dimensions."

Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.
Frequently-Asked Questions
Is this a self-paced course?
Yes and no. The course content will be made available each week over four weeks, and in the Facebook group and weekly digests we will be referencing current topics. But you are always your own best teacher, and if you don’t have time to do a particular exercise, or you fall behind in the content, that’s okay! The Facebook group will remain open after the course ends, and you will have "forever" access to the online course.
How much time will the course take?
Plan to spend about 15-20 minutes a day on the course content (videos, “funsheets,” or written material), plus time for your personal practice. I recommend people start slowly with mindfulness, so we’ll start with just five minutes a day. Each week I’ll gently encourage you to increase your daily practice time — but ultimately, how much time you spend is up to you. You are your own best teacher! 
Will I have to be online at a certain time?
No. Each Monday you will be able to access the entire week’s content. You can login to the course at any time to view videos, access audio meditations, and read the content. 
Do I have to join the Facebook group?
No. A lot of powerful sharing happens in online communities, but participation on Facebook is completely optional. All course content will be delivered via the online site — no additional content will be shared in the Facebook group that isn’t available to all participants.
How is this course different from other online mindfulness classes?
Many online mindfulness classes are completely self-directed — once you sign up, you get a series of emails, videos, or audio files, and that’s it. You’re on your own to figure out how to fit it into your life, and there’s no opportunity for connection with others or your instructors.

In this course, you’ll go through the course with a community of participants — you can ask questions and share comments on the course page and connect with others beginning their mind-body journey. You’ll also have lots of opportunities to ask me questions and get feedback from me — which you don’t always get in other online courses.
What qualifies you to teach mindfulness?
I have practiced and studied mindfulness for several years. I currently teach mindfulness to children, teens, and adults. I have been trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and I have completed a 300-hour, year-long training program to become a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor.

I taught high school for 17 years — the many courses I have taught include Psychology and World Religions. Additionally, I write about mindfulness on my popular blog Left Brain Buddha, which has over 25,000 unique visitors each month. As the Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness, I teach mindfulness to students, teachers, parents, and children.

Will this course get rid of all my stress and make me happy all the time?
No. Mindfulness and body awareness are not cure-alls. They do not eliminate the stressors in our lives. The power of mind-body practice comes from learning to live in wise relationship with our thoughts and emotions. Studies indicate that people who practice mindfulness do experience less stress and report greater levels happiness. That said, no one is happy all the time, and no one can avoid stressful events! As with many things in life, your mileage with mindfulness may vary. But this course will give you brilliant guidance and direction for the journey!I like to say that mindfulness transforms how we relate to our life — and that’s life-changing!
Is there anyone who shouldn't take this course?
This course isn’t for everyone. Specifically, this course may not be for you if:
- you are looking for a course with a strong religious component (either Buddhist, Christian, or something else)
- you are not willing to put in the time to practice the course exercises 
- you are struggling with significant depression or anxiety and are not currently in treatment — if this is the case, I strongly encourage you to contact a mental health provider (this course is not intended to replace therapy or other mental health services)
- as with all movement practices, it's best to consult your physician and ensure you are in good physical health before starting a new activity
What's your cancellation policy? Do you offer refunds?
I have worked hard to make this an effective and powerful course, but I know that it's not for everyone. If you decide that the class isn’t right for you, you can request to cancel your registration, no questions asked. This must be done by the end of Week One, and you will receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued after Week One.  
What if I fall behind in the class?
Well, the last thing we want is for you to get stressed out over a class that's about reducing stress! You will have "forever" access to the online course ... so you will always be able to login and access the content. You have your entire life to work on this!
Don't go outside your house to see flowers.
My friend, don't bother with that excursion.
Inside your body there are flowers.
One flower has a thousand petals.
That will do for a place to sit.